Beauty and the Beast content breaks records across apps and digital portfolio

Whether it’s on the big screen or the small screen, fans of all ages have fallen in love with Beauty and the Beast– so much so, that the digital content inspired by the tale as old as time is also breaking records across Disney’s mobile portfolio. In fact, all of the apps featuring Beauty and the Beast have experienced spikes in traffic, as fans rush to re-experience their favorite characters and moments on their phones. Some of the most notable highlights include:

Driven by fan excitement for the Beauty and the Beast-themed event, Disney Emoji Blitz experienced its most successful day of play ever on Friday, March 17, the day the film was released. The in-game event – which retells key movie story beats with emojis, via the game’s item cards – has been more popular than any other in the game’s history.

Disney Magic Kingdoms experienced an audience increase of 128%, the result of its Beauty and the Beast event, featuring Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip.

In Disney LOL, Beauty and the Beast content has captivated fans, driving double the user engagement of recent Disney theatrical releases – with the fan favorite image featuring Belle and the Beast at “the start of something new.”

On DisneyLife, the animated version of Beauty and the Beast became the most-viewed content in the platform’s history, making it the first film to surpass Frozen since its addition to the service.

Additionally, Beauty and the Beast-themed gifs were extremely popular across the Disney Gif app, with the top gif inviting viewers to be dazzled by Belle and the Beast’s first dance:

Check out the most-colored image on Color by Disney from the Beauty and the Beast content, which sparked user creativity 2.4 times more than any other premium image:

The two Beauty and the Beast puzzles were the top premium puzzles played in Disney Jigsaw.

Lastly, character unlocks in Disney Crossy Road surpassed those unlocked during similar events by 10 times, with the top five most sold figurines coming from Belle’s world – including Belle, the Beast, Chip, Gaston and Mrs. Potts.

We hope you continue to “be our guest” within your favorite Disney apps.