Hello, Mix!

Today our team announced Disney Mix, a new messaging app from Disney designed specifically for kids, tweens and their families.

Messaging has become a phenomenon around the world, and yet we’ve noticed that there aren’t any messengers designed with kids in mind. Disney has more than a decade of experience in online communities for kids from Club Penguin and our other virtual worlds, and so we know what both kids and their parents want.


We know that kids don’t just want to chat, they want to play with their friends. So we’ve created an experience where chat and play are seamlessly intermixed. And we’ve innovated on the messenger interface so that kids can play with their friends while not missing out on the conversation. Kids can play games, make funny memes, and share stickers. Even better, kids can make their own custom 3D avatar that can be customized in an infinite number of ways and that can bring their expressions to life through fun animations.

We also know that in order to have fun, kids and their parents, need to feel they are safe. So we’ve used the experience of the Club Penguin team while investing in new tools, moderation and educational resources. And just like Club Penguin, we’re empowering the community to help us keep it safe by giving them easy ways to report bullying and other inappropriate behavior so we can address it quickly.

This initial launch is just the beginning – we’re already hard at work on additional features for Disney Mix, including photo and video sharing with appropriate parental involvement. So stay tuned for more!